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Obtain National Productivity Award by Aban Air Cooler co.

During a ceremony held in Darband Park of Tehran by the Iranian President’s Deputy of planning and supervision office on 1/6/2015, Aban Air Cooler Company had the honor to receive the advanced level of National Productivity Program certificate in the second category level (Pishrow). The NPP certificate is categorized as follows;

Level 1 Tandis (Trophy).

Level 2 Pishrow (Advance)

Level 3 Cheshmandaz (vision)

Level 4 Moteahed (Committed)

This program has been implemented to improve productivity while upgrading quality of products and services in order to reach the general standards and milestones set by the government, in areas such as employment, investment, raw material, energy, production, and etc…

AAC National Productivity Award

AAC National Productivity Award