Air Separation Unit

Air separation unit produce one or both of the two most common atmospheric industrial gases (nitrogen and oxygen) in the form of gas and sometimes as liquid products. Some plants also produce argon, and occasionally, the “rare gases” (neon, krypton and xenon). The composition of dry air is approximately 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% argon (by volume) plus small amounts of carbon dioxide, neon, helium, krypton, hydrogen, and xenon. Cryogenic plants Produce nitrogen, oxygen and argon as gas (and liquid) products using very low temperature distillation to separate and purify the desired products. Cryogenic plants are most commonly used to produce high purity products at medium to high production rates. Cryogenic air separation processes rely on differences in boiling points to separate and purify products. These air separation process cycles have evolved in parallel with advances in compression machinery, heat exchangers, distillation technology and gas expander technology. This company has the ability of supply of ASU from well-known manufacturers with the highest quality and competitive prices with the help of certified experts and technical information.