Refrigeration Systems

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Refineries Food Processing
Petrochemicals Beverages / Breweries
Oil and Gas Dairy / Ice Cream
Cold Storage Chemicals and Fertilizers
Food Preservation Pharmaceuticals
Modular concrete cooling Marine HVAC & R

Refrigeration Engineering provides flexible supply options to meet varying customer requirements including:

  • Complete skid mounted packages Process design – featuring process simulation, detailed engineering, documentation and drawings along with process guarantee and major component supply, for integration into a larger system by the client.
  • Consulting services – providing expert advice on improving your plant processes, capacity upgrades and more.
  • Customer interface engineering – executing detailed engineering in a close working relationship with the customer and thus integrating with overall plant process equipment at an early stage.
  • We can supply compressor types as below:

    1- Oil Flooded Screw Compressor

    2- Oil Free Screw Compressor

    3- Centrifugal Compressor

    4- Reciprocating Compressor

    Cooling Land:

    1- Air cooled

    2- Shell & tube Heat Exchanger

    3- Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger