Domestic and foreign large companies, global energy organization`s representatives. OPEC, for instance, Gas exporting Countries Forum (GECF), International Energy Agency (IEA) and senior energy managers and policy makers are the participants of this conference.

Aban Air Cooler co. as a main conference supporter attended in the congress exhibition and played a great role in this significant industrial event.

Oil industry issues are discussed in this congress. Also the latest main developments of oil industry were studied in a meeting in presence of Middle East and North Africa director of Total company, Senior of ENY Company and OMV managing director.

Second day of the congress started with attendance of Mr. Hamid Chitchian as the energy minister and power issues were raised.

On the last day, some seminars were held under the name of investment opportunities in oil, power generation and petrochemical industry.

AAC stand were especially welcome by Mr. Zangeneh (Oil minister), Mr. Chitchian (Energy minister) and public visitors.