Business, procurement and supply Unit

The most important job descriptions are as follows:

  • Carrying out the activities that related to identifying and evaluating domestic and foreign manufacturers, producers and suppliers in cooperation with Engineering Department and preparing a comprehensive database for the company.
  • Communicating with employers and performing activities that related to replacing our vendor list with the employer vendor list and measuring their satisfaction.
  • Carrying out the affairs that related to sales and purchases the company projects activities; based on the project managers request.
  • Preparing the domestic and foreign procurement contracts as a database by using the views of Engineering, Planning, Legal and Financial departments.
  • Carrying out marketing affairs in EPC and O&M projects.
  • Participating in meetings that related to partnerships and consortiums and relevant contracts.
  • Collecting the opinions of employers and transferring it to the senior managers of the company.
  • Inquiring and preparing Material Requisition (MR) based on data purchase and following the manufacturers and sellers’ feedback through the engineering unit.
  • Supporting projects in terms of equipment supply, machinery and tools, etc.
  • Providing input design and continuous communication with employers to exchange information.