Centigrade Ind. Inc.

Aban Energy Supply Management Company was established with a look at the energy crisis in the world and more broadly in the country and its threat to improve the economic process in 2015 to use the experience of about two decades of Aban companies group and its expert forces potential in the area of research and creating practical approaches, and besides meeting the needs of Aban Groups Company, to enter this field to help improve energy supply infrastructure in the country.
The depletion of fossil and nuclear fuel sources and the degradation of the environment by pollutants from the exploitation of these energy sources have made the option of using and expanding the use of renewable energy a necessity and inevitable.
But using renewable energy sources faces a big challenge, and that is the high prime cost of the resulting energy. On the other hand, concerns about environmental changes along with the rising price of fossil fuels have led to the exploitation and commercialization of abundant renewable resources and to address these energies in terms of research and acquisition of technical knowledge and make them economical is one of the goals of the company. In 2019, at the same time with the intensification of sanctions, considering the appropriate research in the field of energy as a basic need and infrastructure of blockchain technology and the production and extraction of encrypted processing products, the company entered this field and obtained the establishment license, carrying out the pilot stages and completing the project.