Cleaning System

Cleaning System

The tube bundle cleaning system for power plants would be designed and fabricated by Aban Air Cooler Co. The cleaning system uses an optimized volume of water with a pressure that allowing for effective surface cleaning, avoids damaging surfaces and fins. The main components of system include a nozzle beam, a movement mechanism, and a control panel. The water contains no additives. The nozzle beam is optimally matched to the tube bundle geometry, with a constant jet angle. Furthermore, the carriage on which the nozzle beam is mounted moves at a constant speed and so allows the fouling to be removed effectively and uniformly across the heat exchange elements of the condenser. Because the fouling material is removed, air flow is no longer obstructed. Air cooled condensers are an important part of industrial heat transfer system, especially where clean cooling water is scarce. Unfortunately, fouling of ACC is a serious problem since the quality of air cannot practically be controlled which is a common phenomenon in our country, Iran, particularly in its southwest. ACC tends to foul on the exterior finned tube surface, e.g. by dust, insects, pollen and other air-borne foreign matters.

 An important advantage of the cleaning system is that cleaning can be performed during operation while the unit is still on-line. Further, there is no need for scaffolding and labor requirements are minimized.

 At this point, I would like to draw your attention that Aban Air Cooler Co. has been pioneer for fabrication of manual and different automatic cleaning system since 2014 to present.

Increasing efficiency, Energy saving, Reducing cost.

Cleaning of air-cooled condenser.

Cleaning ladder, Nozzle Pipe, HP Pump package skid

  • Manual
  • Automatic

Combined cycle power plant including: Genaveh, Esfahan, Kahnouj, Chador Malu, Abadan, Parand, Asaluyeh, Tous. Kashan, Apadana