Aban Energy Industries Company

Aban Energy Industries Company is a well-known company in the area of general contracting in energy district which is working for management, production and execution of the projects related to oil, gas, petrochemical and power including management processes of project, design, engineering, producing equipment, providing and procurement, construction, production, installation, start up and operation. Since manpower management is very important as the main axis of an organization’s all-round demand, the company emphasizes the proper management of human resources in order to achieve the most important goals of the company, namely customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the company has selected and recruited specialized personnel who had a lot of technical knowledge and experience in the contacting department of energy project. Also for equipping, he company has gathered a set of equipment and supplies, hardware and software required.
Considering the existing conditions in the labor market, this company is trying to become a large company at the international level by providing customer satisfaction and offering superior quality services. For this purpose, using the latest scientific, technical and technological achievements is always a priority for the company.