Planning and Project Control Unit

The planning and control department is one of the key departments in project-oriented companies. Company managers, based on the project planning and control department, will have the exact plan for projects. Any decision regarding the implementation of affairs and intensifying the implementation process of parts of the projects requires the existence of analytical information about their status, which will be possible with the planning and control of the project.

Project planning and control tasks can be very diverse and extensive, but we will address some of them as below:



  • Preparing a project schedule at different levels (from zero to required level).
  • Preparing work breakdown structure (WBS) and cost breakdown structure (CBS)
  • Controlling and updating the project schedule.
  • Preparing analytical reports on the current schedule status and the progress of activities in various sectors.


Project Control:

  • Preparing, modifying and implementing the project procedures.
  • Preparing weekly and monthly project reports.
  • Preparing management reports and presenting the existing problems and solutions.
  • Assessing the status progress in the engineering department of the project, goods, implementation and providing solutions to obtain appropriate progress in the project.
  • Holding weekly and monthly meetings with all project and the employer elements to review the progress and create coordination and resolve project issues and problems.



Cost Control:

  • Preparing and sending the WPA (Work Progress Appraisal) and project status reports to the employer and following up until it approved.
  • Preparing the cost control reports and analyzing of EVM (Earned Value Management).
  • Reviewing the WPA and approval of contractors and vendors.
  • Preparing work changes and project claims based on information received from different departments for identifying and presenting the relevant packages to the employer and defending it.
  • Reviewing and preparing all correspondence and projects note and applying legal identity in them and target them for use in project claims.
  • Preparing the liquidity flow chart and project budget.


Technical Documentation Center:

  • Following up on receiving the technical documents of the project.
  • Reproduction and delivery of technical documents of the project to the requesting departments.
  • List of technical documents of the project at the stage of receiving and delivering them to the requesting units.
  • Maintain an electronic copy of project technical documentation.
  • Prepare databases and define programs related to the ICT project.